“You must push yourself beyond your limits, all the time. The only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations!


‘Frithgarth’ – Holding space for Peace within ourselves and carrying it out in the world… This is a recent painting I finished taken from some journeying and shamanic work I did around all this chaos ...


‘Bridge – carrying the gift of our luminous selves into the world‘ I just finished this painting. The most precious and valuable gift we can give to the world is that of finding our way ...

The Path Keeper

‘The Path Keeper’ & ‘The Luminous Cartographer’ Since beginning my travels and global adventure with my family, I have had plenty of time to take stock and revue my path and the direction my work ...

Sacred Hoop Interview With Gabriel Tamaya

Interview with Gabriel Tamaya by Faith Nolton. I am very pleased to announce that my interview with Sacred Hoop’s founder Faith Nolton is now out in the 90th issue of the worlds leading shamanic magazine.