The Song of Grandmother Moon by Gabriel Tamaya

The Song of Grandmother Moon

Being initiated onto the Lunar path & the Sacred Masculine…

Last night I had a very powerful experience, one that I doubt I will ever forget. I awoke at 12.55 am exactly, totally awake, lucid and brimming with more energy than I knew what to do with.

My body had become a vast dark and infinite ocean sparkling with white stars stretching out as far as the eye could see… and I was being sung by Grandmother Moon (Mama Kia).

I could feel her orchestrating the pulse of the ebb and flow of my tides, I was saturated in her silver brilliance as she shaped and transformed me. I just lay there for hours experiencing this communion with Her, towards the end of this she told that I was now her grandson – ‘a grandson of the Moon.’

When I awoke in the morning I felt very different, like something truly profound had happened within me. I came straight down to my studio and started to draw and map out this experience.

The drawings are titled (from left to right):

1. Moon Tides
2. The song of Grandmother Moon
3. Mani

I feel like there was a re-balancing within me on a very profound level.

‘Moon Tides’ speaks of the changes and energetic transformation I underwent.

‘The Song of Grandmother Moon’ speaks of the state of communion I experienced as a body of water guided by Her presence.

‘Mani’ speaks of me becoming the Masculine aspect of the Moon – Mani. Re-balanced, in a whole, healed state as the Sacred Masculine – ‘a grandson of the Moon’.

This feels like some important work in terms of my role as an aspect of and physical representation of the Sacred Masculine, indeed for all Men seeking wholeness, holding equally the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine together.

I am currently having a cogitate about how I might start to articulate this in a painting or series of paintings like the ‘Forest God studies

As the song goes ‘Oh what a night!’

This one is for you Mama Kia:

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