The Boldness In Becoming painting in progress by Gabriel Tamaya

The Boldness In Becoming (Painting in progress)

‘The Boldness In Becoming’ (Painting in progress)

I have recently been doing some focused shamanic work with the ‘Nine Noble Virtues’ or ‘Atheling Thews’ of my ancestors. I have been looking at how they they apply personally to my current path, as well as how they can be applied as a map and compass for our journey through this life.

For those of you not familiar with ‘The Nine Noble Virtues’, they are:

1. Boldness
2. Truth (honesty)
3. Are (Honor)
4. Troth (Loyalty)
5. Self Rule (Discipline)
6. Guest-friendliness (Hospitality)
7. Busy-ship (Industriousness)
8. Free-Standing (Sovereignty over ourselves)
9. Steadfastness (Perseverance)

I have been working with ‘Boldness’ (courage) over the last few weeks, and it has been quite an intense and transformative time. All sorts of synchronicities have been coming up as well as a deep weaving together of several threads I have been pursuing.

This painting is currently in progress, and has been quite a journey in the birthing. It started out very different, much more like the charcoal study that I did for it that I posted last week.

Through applying some of the teachings I received around Boldness to the painting process itself, I have been really focusing on surrendering to the painting more and having the courage to let it lead rather than trying to control it as much.

I shall talk some more about the paintings medicine when it is complete.

Wishing you all a luminous Wednesday! 🙂

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