Swefn Treow by Gabriel Tamaya

Swefn Treow

‘Swefn Treow’ – The Dreaming Tree…

Swefn Treow is a recently finished commission that I have been working on over the last few weeks, bourne from several journeys and many conversations with the client. It is always a great honour and pleasure to be able to bridge paintings / maps for clients and assisting them in the honouring of their personal journey and path through life.

As with my own personal work, I have found that all paintings I bridge, whether deeply personal to me or the person for whom I am painting for also have teachings and messages for others, sometimes very profound ones. It is my experience that the power of a piece runs even deeper when shared with the world and is part of us each contributing our personal medicine for the benefit of the collective.

I wish you all many blessings on your path through life, may you shine without comprise!

Gabriel x

‘Swefn Treow’ (The Dreaming Tree)
Mixed Media on board | 32″ x 32″ | SOLD
Prints available here.

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