Edryne Leoht - Return Of The Light by Gabriel Tamaya

Return Of The Light

‘Return Of The Light’
Hope, Healing & beauty filled Dreaming…

Let our most highest, clearest & beauty filled intents be the song that calls the coming dawn into being, that heralds the return of the Light and the new year!

Make no mistake, your intent and the way you live that intent and carry it out into the world really does matter! Be part of the generation that helped to shift the world dream to one of beauty, respect & acceptance.

What will be the gift of your intent that you carry out into the world in the new year?

Wishing you all luminous blessings and a deeply beauty filled dream for 2017 x


‘Return Of The Light’
Mixed Media on paper | 16″ x 24″ | SOLD
Prints available here.

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