Pachamama by Gabriel Tamaya

‘Pachamama – Earth Mother’

‘Pachamama – Earth Mother’Power of Life, Transformation & Initiation…

This is the fifth painting in my series mapping the compass, helping to deepen my personal relationship with the six directions.

This painting is from a journey taken downward, deep into the core of our Earth Mother, also known as ‘Erda’ or ‘Pachamama’.

She who gives life, supports and nourishes us with so much abundance in our lives. She is the formidable power that moves continents apart and brings them together, She is the tenacious energy that pushes seedlings and roots up through concrete floors. She is the serpentine rivers of energy that flow through the land…. she is Birth, Life as well as Death.

Pachamama as one of the six directions, holds aspects of all of the previous four… the solidity and structure of earth, the fluidity of the waters, the heat and vitality of Fire, as well as the spaciousness and movement of the Winds.

She pushes new life ever upward toward the surface, and takes old life back down into her deepest, darkest depths to be transformed and alchemised into new life!

I offer my gratitude to her for this beautiful journey, and the gift of this luminous map which I now share with you

Please share and pass on the Pachamama blessings. Thank you

Prints of this painting are available framed / unframed here.

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