Othala - Hall of my Ancestors by Gabriel Tamaya

Othala – Hall of my Ancestors

‘Othala – Hall of my Ancestors’Heritage, Family, Home…

I was recently given the task by my teacher to start mapping the runes in our paintings. This painting is from a series of encounters with the energy of ‘Othala’ and some very moving journeys during which I met many of my ancestors.

I have worked extensively with the runes for many years, and they are an integral part of my path, practice and life. I find that they are powerful allies to work with, who can always offer help or a different perspective on whatever I am working on.

For me the runes also feel very deeply connected to the land, I feel their presence in the forests, rivers and hills as I walk and commune with the Suffolk land where I live.

This particular rune and map feel especially relevant to me at this time, after recently welcoming another daughter into our family over the last few weeks. I have really felt the presence of the Ancestors and been appreciating the beauty and blessings of family. 🙂

One of the teachings I was given was on the ‘Hoop of Ancestors’, which is represented by the circle in this painting.

My teacher explained to me how there is no past or future, just this moment. That we all stand in our place within the hoop of our Ancestors, along with those who came before us and those who will come after us – our children’s children. That together we all form a circle, a hoop, and that we are always connected, each with our own essential role to play. That no part of the hoop is more or less important than another, that we are all essential to the hoop’s integrity.

I was shown that we can call on one another through this connection for support at any time, that ultimately we all our kin no matter our heritage. There is always help available to us, we just need to ask. 🙂

Hail to all our Ancestors!

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