Another day in the office by Gabriel Tamaya

My Office for Today

Preparatory work for a new series of paintings…

I spent most of the this morning and afternoon out in the beautiful Suffolk landscape, working with the local land wights, recording and mapping our dialogue and experiences.

For this body of work I chose an area of Suffolk that I have walked and visited many times, but never actually done any painting and work there before. It is a very old part of Suffolk with an interesting history of recorded sitings since the 1800’s of strange lights in the Forests as well as other paranormal and unexplainable occurrences.

I shall be bringing these maps and records of my conversations with the landscape to the canvas in a new series of paintings over the coming weeks.

I reluctantly left my spot for the day, where I had been made very welcome, after I was handed my hat by my chair collapsing on me! Not wanting to out stay my welcome I took the hint and called it a day 🙂

I look forward to sharing some of the drawings and developments of the first paintings shortly. 🙂

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