Merlyns Song by Gabriel Tamaya

Merlyn’s Song – The Sacred Masculine’s role in the time to come

I have just finished this painting after doing some more work exploring the Sacred Masculine, looking at its medicine and teachings and how they can be applied now.

Merlyn had been turning up in my dreaming and journeys on a regular basis, which for those of you who have not yet encountered this energy is a very distinct presence.

Again I was given a series of three mandala’s to bridge this medicine, of which ‘Merlyn’s Song’ is number two. Part of its medicine is that of the Sacred Masculine in its nurturing role, nurturing the world as we move forward in these rapidly changing and evolving times. It is a call to the Merlyn energy which has looked after the land since before time, to help us each find our centre in these dynamic times – ‘the stillness within motion’.

We each have a connection to both the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, whether we are male or female, it is not about your physical gender this in this life (or any lifetime).

Merlyn’s medicine is here to hold space for our gently unfolding evoloution, as we step into who we truly came here to be.

  • How is your current relationship with the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine?
  • What role does your relationship to the Sacred Masculine have to play in the time to come?
  • What medicine does it have for you to share with others?

Blessings on your journeys, where ever they may take you.

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