Healing Touch Drawing series by Gabriel Tamaya

Mapping Journeys

Greetings! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the very welcome emergence of spring! 🙂

After a recent break to do some traveling (to some very chilly and snowy climes) as well as some deep dreaming, I am now finally back in the studio! (and online) 🙂

Yet again my work has been growing and developing, a part of which has been a refocus and readdressing of the direction my work has been traveling in.

I have enjoyed getting back to experimenting and working with pencil, charcoal & pastel as a part of my process in taking my shamanic journeying experiences and mapping them in order to share.

This is a series of recent touch drawings taken from some powerful healing work I did on a journey. I am currently developing them further through tonal charcoal studies as well as starting to bridge them onto canvas with mixed media…

I look forward to sharing more with you shortly.



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