Land Wight Encounters I by Gabriel Tamaya

‘Land Wight Encounters I’

Conversations with the spirits of the land…

I have just finished this first painting taken from my recent work deep in the local Suffolk forests, connecting with the spirits of place – the local land Wights.

This painting is taken from a drawing I did upon our first meeting, reaching out and connecting with the guardian Wight of the place.

It was a beautiful process that gently unfolded, with the Wight gradually revealing itself after general etiquette had been observed and introductions made.

I feel very honoured to be able to work with the local land and her guardian Wights in this way.

My gift to them, and to you on behalf of them, is to share our dialogue and conversations through these luminous maps – these paintings.

These maps are to remind us all that we are not separate from the land, despite our modern delusions! They are to help chart our way back to a place of remembering – that we are One and the same! That connections can be made, that a healthy and beautiful relationship can be nurtured and grown! 🙂

I offer my gratitude to the Land and all her Wights, thank you!

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