Land Wight Encounters III - First Approach by Gabriel Tamaya

‘Land Wight Encounters 3 – First Approach’

I have finally finished the 3rd painting in the Land Wight series!

This painting is inspired by my initial approach of the local Wights of the forest I was working in.

A very distinct energy and presence, a powerfully elemental and wild sentience, curious about being noticed.

I have never felt so human as when I am in the presence of land spirits. They roam on the very edge of my vision, the periphery of my mind, beings so old and primal… they stir memories deep within me of a time before there were people and so called ‘civilizations’.

The land is alive, full of teachings and medicine for us and our lives…. all we have to do is be willing to reach out and connect with sincerity and respect! 🙂

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