Hearg Weard by Gabriel Tamaya

Hearg Weard

‘Hearg Weard’Altar-keeper of the land…

This recent drawing is taken from a journey and some work I have been doing with the local guardians and stewards of the land and mountains where I live.

I am working with the local land wights on a project to establish a series of permanent altars within the land that will become anchor points for our work together and will possibly involve others long-term.

When we nourish our relationship with a particular place and its attending wights on a regular basis, there is a very tangible awakening of energy. Just a small amount of effort on our part goes a long way and is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you many bright blessings on your path and good relations with your local land wights!

‘Hearg Weard’ (Altar-keeper)
Mixed Media on paper | 16″ x 24″ | SOLD
Prints available here.

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