Fecundity by Gabriel Tamaya


‘Fecundity’Opening to the blessings and teachings of our ancestral Lands….

This is a recent piece exploring my ever deepening relationship and journeys into my ancestral Land. I have found more and more that the Land and its attendant wights, the Unseen Folk, are constantly reaching out to connect and engage with us and develop mutually beneficial relationships – we have but to reciprocate.

The Land and its wights have so much to share with us, so many important teachings, so much deep & invaluable insight into ourselves and the mysteries of creation. They speak to us of a Wisdom whose song once resonated deeply in our bones, but is now barely a whisper heard over the generations. It is They who offer the salve that will soothe our wild soul’s despair with the hollow emptiness left through trying to survive in the cage that is modern society.

So often we look to books, teachers, courses or even different spiritual paths to try and fill this hole and yearning that so many of us experience – when all we need do is go outside, look to the ground beneath our feet, be still and really listen. We have been tricked and duped by society into thinking we are not enough, that we don’t have everything our soul could ever need right here, right now.

The Land and the Unseen Folk reveal teachings in a constant stream of wisdom to those with the eyes to listen and the ears to see. These are the only ever teachers, books, courses or spiritual path you will ever need.

These are the teachers our earliest ancestors trusted and learnt from, it is through their relationship that we are here now and blessed with the life we have today.

Wishing you all abundant blessings and good relationship with your ancestral Land.


Title: ‘Fecundity’
Medium: Mixed Media on paper
Size: 16″ x 24″
Original: SOLD
Prints available here.


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