Conjuration of the fylgja by Gabriel Tamaya

Conjuration of the fylgja

‘Conjuration of the fylgja’ – calling on our helping spirits…

Fylgjur or familiars are personal helping spirits that accompany us
from before our birth, through into this life and on through our death
transition at the end into the next place. We each have a fylgja
spirit, whether we are aware of them or not.

Working consciously in a symbiotic way with these accompanying spirits
can bring us great benefit and harmony on our life’s path. It is said
that they can appear in animal form, but it is my personal experience
that they more often than not take a anthropomorphic form and only
animal form for a specific task. They are repositories of vast amounts
of knowledge, wisdom and experience and are able to assist us in
gaining deeper insight into our path through life.

They can also be the very best of companions and friends, who will
always guide, protect us and provide the best council as to what will
bring us the most growth and benefit in this life.

If you haven’t met your fylgja, maybe set some time aside, light a
candle and invite yours to come forward and make itself known in a way
that will be clear and easily recognisable to you. It is well worth
taking the time to do so.

May you all walk in harmony with your fylgja! 🙂

Bright Blessings.

‘Conjuration of the fylgja’
Mixed media on Panel | 23″ x 23″ | For Sale
Prints available here.

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