I have had a bit of a breakthrough in my work over the last couple of days… after finally finishing a painting I was given on a recent journey.

It’s quite different, and a very exciting shift for me in that it feels that bit closer to articulating what I see and experience!

I am constantly applying shamanic ‘death work’ principles to my painting (as well as my life), always being willing to let how I currently paint die to how it could become.

This is sometimes very hard, as the familiar always seems more comfortable and dare I say the ‘S’ word…safer… than to risk letting go of where I am and possibly not finding shore ever again!

I last made this step in a big way when I moved away from figurative landscape painting to pursue shamanic & visionary art, and have not regretted it for even an instant. (It does help that I implicitly trust my teachers and wherever it is that they are leading me in our work together 🙂 )

I look forward to sharing this painting with you all on Monday 🙂

Wishing you all a luminous weekend! 🙂

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