Bear Dreaming by Gabriel Tamaya

‘Bear Dreaming’

‘Bear Dreaming’Dreams of protection, prosperity and balance…

I recently finished a series of three paintings taken from my recent work and journeys with ‘Bear’. This painting is from a journey where I was taken to a very sacred place full of Bears, in the deepest parts of the Birch wood, who were all in a state of deep dreaming.

I was shown how Bears are stewards of this planet and dream deeply for the benefit of all beings on Earth. They dream for our protection, prosperity and most of all balance (with ourselves as well as our environment.)

This series felt particularly relevant as we gradually approach the deepest, darkest time of the Winter (21st Dec.) This is now a time for reflection, for gathering ourselves and our kin together, to reflect on the year past and to dream deeply for the year to come.

Bear blessings your dreaming! 🙂

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