Songlines by Gabriel Tamaya


‘Songlines’Tracking the luminous highways and byways of the land…

This recently finished painting is taken from my journeys and shamanic work with the wilder parts of Suffolk. Tracking the filaments of serpentine light that pulse and weave on, over and through the land.

These lines of energy are known by many names, and every culture seems to have one for them. Some of their more common names are serpent lines, spirit paths & ceques.

I personally prefer the description of ‘Songlines’ (which I believe is originally derived from Australia.) These paths / lines positively hum when you connect with them, and if you listen carefully enough you can ‘hear’ them with your whole body.

Connecting with these paths of energy has been a long standing tradition within the various British paths & cunning artes, and is a skill that is well worth taking the time to learn. You will never see the land in the same way again. 🙂

Wishing you all a luminous weekend!

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