Gæbrīelle is an animist, shamanic & cræft practitioner, contemporary British artist and luminous cartographer who bridges paintings and maps through their collaborative work with their Ancient Ancestors & Unseen folk of these Sacred Isles.

Their work has been published in several shamanic journals, included in exhibitions and private collections worldwide and is widely considered to be at the leading edge of contemporary animist art.

Gæbrīelle’s book White Bones & Little Stones features a collection of their work exploring the theme of personal and trans-personal journeys. Find out more & purchase the book here.

“As an animist, the focus of my work and path is the relationships and connections between humans, nature and the unseen – those liminal thresholds where two become three.

My work is an ongoing craft of re-enchantment, of casting a light on the truly untamed mystery of the world(s) that surround us. These maps & paintings are important because we’re conditioned to only work with what we can see and touch, with what society at large dictates to be real and worthy of our attention. Our lives are becoming more and more impoverished for it; we have become disenchanted.

This work and my path is to counterbalance this spell of disenchantment that has been cast upon our society; the rejection of mystery in the frantic scramble to explain, label and control everything. It is an evocation to those mysteries that sit coiled, waiting, just behind the illusionary veil of the ‘rational’ world. It is a call for them to come forth so that they may once again become part of our story, revitalising us in the process.

Eald- Mōdra – Ancient Mothers by Gabriel Tamaya

By trying to explain away the mysterious nature of the world, we destroy the power that is our birthright. We have become reliant on others, the media, our governments to tell us how to think and feel. We have in many ways become domesticated, cowed and tamed, unable to think for ourselves.

We dupe ourselves into giving up our living wild-fire for shiny plastic torches, ensnaring ourselves in a cycle of having to buy batteries for a narrow, dim and domesticated light; one that does not warm us, nourish, protect or feed us.

When we reclaim our inner wild-fire, we once again find ourselves illuminating the vast, untamed forest of our potential. The place where wild things and magical possibilities exist. Where we have the power to extract ourselves from domestication and reclaim the power-filled potential that is being fully Human.

These works are a reminder and a doorway to what we truly are, beyond our mundane lives. Each painting is an altar, an invocation and a call to our untamed selves.”

Through trance, ceremony, divination, journeying and guided mark-making, Gæbrīelle bridges teachings, experiences and encounters into luminous maps, offering signposts back to our whole, luminous & magnificent selves.

Working closely with the land and our undomesticated ancestors, Gæbrīelle’s work explores many themes including those of remembrance, transformational journeys and re-wilding.

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