Galdra - Song of Transformation by Gabriel Tamaya

Gæbriel Tämäya

Animistic Art, Shamanic Ritual & Ceremony with the Unseen

Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting! My name is Gæbriel, I am an animist, shamanic & cræft practitioner, contemporary British artist and luminous cartographer. I bridge paintings and maps born through my animist and shamanic work with their Ancient Ancestors & Unseen folk of these Sacred Isles.

Through trance, ceremony, divination, journeying and guided mark-making, I bridge my experiences and teaching encounters with the Unseen into luminous maps for the soul, offering signposts to help us reclaim our whole, luminous & magnificent selves.

You can find most of my work in the gallery, prints of all works are available here and you can find links to all my online presences here.

If you have any questions I’m always happy to chat, just message me through the contact form.

Thank you for visiting, I wish you many bright blessings on your path.